Organisation and operation

According to Law 4624/2019 art. 11, the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (HDPA) operates as a collective body. It is composed of the President and six (6) members, who are appointed with their respective alternates. They have a six-year nonrenewable term of office.

The selection of members and alternate members is made among individuals of acknowledged status, who are distinguished for their scientific expertise and professional experience in areas related to the mission and competence of the HDPA. Greek nationality is a precondition for selection as a member of the Authority.

The President, the members and their alternates are selected and appointed in accordance with Article 101a of the Constitution.

The members are senior state officials, enjoy both personal and functional independence and are not subject to any hierarchical or administrative control.

The President and the Deputy President are employed on an exclusive time basis at the HDPA. Such status entails the suspension of any public function and professional activity.

The members do not incur third party civil liability for acts or omissions in the exercise of their powers. They are liable to the Greek state for acts or omissions committed intentionally or with gross negligence. They are not prosecuted for opinions expressed or for acts or omissions committed in the course of carrying out their duties, unless they acted fraudulently or with gross negligence. The Authority may reimburse the costs of legal defense of its members in the event of an action or criminal proceedings brought against them in respect of acts or omissions resulting solely from the performance of their duties.

According to Law 4624/2019 art.17 (1), the Authority may also act as a single-member body (President) or sit in chambers composed of at least three (3) members or alternates and chaired by the President of the Authority or his/her alternate. Employees of the Auditors Department are allowed to attend sessions and meetings of the plenary and the chambers for cases to which they have been appointed assistant rapporteurs.