Full production phase for the Online Toolkit of the byDesign project

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Facilitating GDPR compliance for SMEs and promoting Data Protection by Design in ICT products and services — byDesign

In the context of the byDesign project, a user-friendly Online Toolkit has been developed particularly tailored to the needs of the SMEs, facilitating GDPR compliance with a set of context-aware templates of essential documents.

A questionnaire containing ten (10) simple questions is offered to SMEs respondents, in the form of a wizard, divided in thematic areas that correspond to different sections. Upon completion, a zip file is generated containing suitable and adaptable sample guidance and good practice documents based on the contextual information of each particular SME.

The tool contains an instructions manual and a link to provide your useful assessment.

The Online Toolkit is available here.

For any questions or clarifications you can contact the e-mail address byDesign_online-toolkit@dpa.gr.

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